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8 August 2019: Former SPLA Secretary-General Pagan Amum casts doubt over the implementation of Revitalized peace agreement, signed between Kiir, Machar, and other opposition groups last September in the Sudanese capital Khartoum. 

" The Khartoum peace agreement or what came to be known as the Revitalized - Agreement to Resolve the Conflict in South Sudan R-ARCSS, was a deal that was imposed on the parties by the then Government of Omar El Bashir. Sudan and Uganda have used their mediation role to pursue their interests," said Pagan Amun who now lives in exile in the US. 

Pagan Amum, who until recently heads the group of former political Detainees also known as the G10, said: "All parties to the conflicting in South Sudan were coerced into that so-called revitalized agreement in Khartoum, and subsequently signed it in Addis on September 12, 2018." 

Pagan said Khartoum used the method of intimidation to blackmail Kiir. 

"First, the government of President Kiir was blackmailed by Khartoum, with Khartoum threatening to support the opposition to overthrow Kiir if he would not accept the demands of Bashir’s government. On June 5th Kiir was forced to make so many concessions to Sudan, that have violated South Sudan territorial integrity and gravely jeopardized its national interests." he laments. 

According to Pagan, to appease Khartoum so that she does not support the activities of the oppositions, Kiir offered to compensate Khartoum 5 billion $ for 2012, Panthaw/ Heglig war damage, 3.4 billion for outstanding transitional financial arrangements, Juba has to accept to withdraw its forces from mile 14 area, in Northern Bahr el Ghazal state. other areas where Juba has to make compromise including to abandon the return of Abyei to South Sudan. 

Pagan, added, "after President Kiir accepted all these conditions and conceded on the 5th of June 2018, the government of Sudan then decided to reach an understanding with Uganda to support the consolidation of the Kiir regime in Juba, literally turning South Sudan into a condominium colony of the two predatory regional regimes." he said. 

Pagan, who voiced his concern said, " The negotiations were rushed and in total haste, forcing and compelling the opposition groups to hurriedly sign the peace deal”.   

Pagan, further said the intention of the mediators has coerced the opposition into signing the deal so that they are accommodated into the government in Juba without reforms or justice and accountability.  

He said the agreement will not be implemented and the opposition parties who signed the agreement have no choice than being forced to come to work with Kiir or be given positions to buy their loyalties to the regime.  

"We did not endorse that Khartoum deal and we did point out that it was a deal to exploit South Sudan by the predatory regional powers who appointed themselves guarantors of the agreement. It was not meant to be implemented. Time and events have proven us right. Almost one year is gone without any change. The eight months pre-transitional period elapsed without the implementation of the tasks. And now we are in the third month of the six months extension and nothing has been implemented, including the core issue of the security arrangements and the issue of the number of the states is not resolved.  

He said President Kiir understands peace as joining in the formation of the transitional government, without addressing issues of reforms as long as he sits in that seat without change or reforms while the opposition groups who signed the deal in Khartoum and Addis will have a tough choice to make either to join Kiir  and take the positions that will be given them, that is to accept the nominal power and its trappings without change in the system. or they may have to disabuse President Kiir of that and then push for the implementation of the peace program as it is in the peace agreement of 2015.  

Pagan blames Kiir for failing SPLA/M war struggle agenda, he said Kiir failed the vision of the Founding Father Dr. John Garang, Kiir practices division, he is an incompetent leader who practices tribalism, and ethnic politics and agendas. 

On the issue of Former Detainees, Pagan distanced himself from Deng Alor saying Deng Alor went to Juba on his own, he never sends Alor to Juba to sign the agreement. He said he and like-minded SPLA members will soon form a new political movement to implement the revolutionary agendas for which SPLA waged the war of independence. 

J. Roberts Swaka 


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