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Juba, 5 August 2019: In an exclusive interview with South Sudan Liberty news, a senior South Sudan People Defense Forces general, whose identity we are withholding revealed heinous plans hatched by the tribal advocate group, The Jieng Council of Elder to assassinate the South Sudan's designated First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar upon his return to Juba to participate in the Revitalized Peace agreement signed in September 2018, in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum.  

According to the general who hailed from Dinka ethnic group, the plan to assassinate Dr. Riek Machar and other senior SPLA-IO officials were hatched and agreed upon in a closed-door meeting held in the Presidential residence, the J1., this was agreed upon before President Kiir first visited Rome to meet Holy Father, Pope Francis.  

The general disclosed, the tribal advisory group [JCE] were unhappy with the Khartoum agreement which allowed Machar to return to the country to reassume his former position as the First Vice President of the republic, a position according to JCE will rob Kiir from being a sole decision Maker in the interests of the Jieng. The general revealed that Kiir told the JCE, they have to accept the agreement because he cannot change it since he Kiir signed and accepted it.  

In response, the council in their dismay told Kiir to make a tour to the Jieng home state in Bahr el Ghazal to mobilize their youth and to privately train them for the sure unrest that will ensure in the country after Machar's death. Among the plan is to eliminate Machar with his senior military officials, the general also said there are special forces already in Juba brought from neighboring Uganda to train the recruits from Bahr el Ghazal after Kiir's home tour early this year. These special forces are primarily snipers whose mission is to execute the assassination plans against Dr. Riek Machar, his Senior politicians, and military officials.  

The JCE, according to the general, said as long as Machar is alive, his Nuer will be a threat and the number one challenge to the Dinka Agendas namely: Ethnic dominance, lands, and power grabs in the Republic of South Sudan.  

The general further said the JCE informed the President of growing anxiety among the Dinka Youth for lifting the heavy weight in keeping Kiir in power and fighting for him without seeing rewards and going for months without salaries. 

They advised the President to build and modernize the road linking Bahr el Ghazal to Juba and bring investment in Dinka land in order to preserve their loyalties, discourage and take away any incentives of joining forces with the Equatorian and Nuer youth who desire change, peace, and unity in the country. 

Additionally, according to the general, a senior member of JEC Ambrose Riig and Aldo Ajou Deng told the President that from their internal analysis, should war resume between now, August and October 2019, 40% of Jieng/Dinka people will break away and fight against the president, and if this happens between November 2019- January 2020, 60 percent of the Jieng/Dinka will break away and fight against Kiir's regime. 

To, therefore, mitigate and contain the Jieng Youth from falling away, they needed to intensify their campaign and must necessarily reinforce the notion that has so far worked for them that is: Their common enemies are the Equatorian and Nuer, worse the Unions and Any Unions of the two regions. The council, therefore, urged Kiir to flash out Any rebels groups in Equatoria, special those operating along Juba- Nimule road and this should be done with priorities 

The meeting particularly singles out and resolved to target to eliminate the IO rebels in Madi land as these pose the greatest threats to the Jieng land interests in the Madiland and Equatoria at large. They concluded the Neur have been effectively tamed and neutralized already and after killing Machar, the remaining strong Nuer leaders can be bought off by positions, Money or both, their weak part he said.  

He further said, the JCE told Kiir, the Balanda of Western Bahr El Ghazal state remained a threat to the Jieng land interest as well as the Shilluks in their respective region, these must be dealt with decisively. The rest of the ethnic groups of what they called “meaningful ethnic groups” have been silenced by giving them their own states and leaving them alone as Jieng do not have particular interests in these ethnic territories for now.  

Thomas Cirilo and NAS and other Equatorian rebel groups:  

The Council advises the president to recruit more private home militias to join the rank with the current  Mathiang Anyoor [ loosely translate as Brown caterpillar or [Dot Ke Beny] in Dinka language, literally can be translated as [ Rescue the President] the council also asked the president to engage like-minded Equatorians the likes of Dr. Martin Elia Lomoro, to work to eliminate the group. 

The closed-door meeting resolved that Dr. Lomoro should be given more high position perhaps the place of vice president, a position currently occupied by James Wani Igga. Lomoro should also be given funds, guns to recruit his militia group mainly from his Fojulu tribe to counter-insurgent the forces of Thomas Cirilo who are mainly from Bari, Kuku, and Kakuwa.  

After the eliminations of Riek Machar, the JCE speculate that as long as General Thomas Cirilo's forces are not defeated too, this will grow and pose a serious threat to the existence of Dinka people in South Sudan, particularly in Equatoria. The meeting according to the general, demanded the President to intensify the campaign among the Dinka youth to support him, they asked the President to deploy more forces in Yei, and the President should continue to engage the President of Uganda, Mr. Museveni not to allow Thomas Cirilo and other Equatorian rebels access in Uganda, and urged Museveni, to deploy forces in Nimule, Yei and other bordering counties with Uganda particularly the Madi and section of Acholi counties:   

The meeting resolved Madi people and a small percentage of Acholi poses threat to Dinkas who have settled in Nimule and other places in Madi and Acholi land. 

Aldo Ajou Deng according to the general said Nimule and Madi land is the main gateway for Dinka people, therefore, he asked Kiir to consolidate the presence of Dinka in Madi land by providing funding, additional protections but also providing guns and ammunition to all Dinka residents in Nimule.  

The meeting further resolved the President to use general JJ. Okot to intensify the campaign to resettle more Dinka in Magwi, and Nimule, the meeting reiterated the current soldiers in Madi land should not vacate their barracks instead more reinforcement should be deployed in Madi-land to create insecurity, seek to eliminate the SPLA-IO forces in the Madi land who are mainly resolved and battle-hardened Madi and other Equatorian youths. 

The general said the recent troops' deployment in Pageri County by JJ. Okot is part of this campaign to fulfill the JCE Master plans. The general concluded by saying in the coming months, the government forces will escalate their campaign against Thomas Cirilo's forces and attack will also be seen in Pageri and Magwi County.  

In Acholi area, he said most SPLA-IO forces have shifted side to government and said perhaps the SPLA-IO governor for Torit state, Nathaniel Oyet, seems to be the only Barrier preventing the Acholi Corridor from being controlled in entirety by Jieng Regime. 

Justin S. Kwaje 


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