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Juba, 22 July 2019: The South Sudan President Salva Kiir is officially unhinged, the President through the government spokesperson, Michael Makuei Lueth who doubled as Minister of information has on Friday announced that singing of South Sudan's National anthem will be banned in every events and occasion where the President is not present. 

" it is observed that the National Anthem has been played all over and everybody is playing the National Anthem at will, for the information of everybody the national Anthem is only meant for the President in a function attended by the President, not for everybody," said Makuei. 

The belligerent Minister further warned, " we are seeing now even a minister, even undersecretary, even a governor or state minister, whenever there is a function the National Anthem is been sang, they should strictly be observed because it is not meant for everybody, it is meant for the President" said Makuei. 

stern warnings were also issued by the cabinet to the military personnel not to address public rallies or any occasion. 

" His excellency the President has observed that there are some commanders from SSPDF or all the other regular forces, these commanders attend public rallies and talked in public rallies in uniforms, his excellency the President has directed that all those who do such things should stop it immediately" the warn partly read. 

The message from Mr. Kiir further said, " no officer or anybody in uniform is allowed to attend the public rally and talk meanwhile in a uniform" 

Kiir told the military personnel that they have the choice to make, they can choose to leave the uniforms and go to politics and be a politician to talk in public rallies or be a disciplined soldier and stay in the army and even if you are attending public rallies don't talk, those who ignored the order should be met with strong disciplinary order" said Makuei. 

In any country, National anthem can be played or sung during national holidays, such as the Independence Day celebrations, cultural, school assembly or other important events such as the opening of the national Parliament, etc. 

National Anthem in any country reflects the country’s history, struggles for liberation, it is actually an expression of national identity for the citizens of that country not for an individual public figure such as the President. 

At this point it is not clear whether singing the National Anthem in an occasion where the President is not present is punishable or not, however, there is already public uproar against the Presidential order to restrict the public from using the National Anthem. 

J. Roberts Swaka 


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