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Juba is Gripped by Fear in Anticipation of Red Card for the Government of Salva Kiir.

Juba, 10.05.2019, Less than a week has elapsed when some youth group that calls itself  "South Sudan Youth For Change (SSYFC)" issued statements on the social media that it will organise a peaceful demonstration in Juba, on 15 and 16.05.2019, to demand the resignation of President Salva Kiir and his government. SSYFC blames the government for plunging the country into war and economic crises -- which are wearing out the social fabric of the country.
Today Juba is gripped by fear and anticipation of the duel between SSYFC and the government. Many citizens privately said they will stay at home on those days, to avoid being caught in the middle.
The government has already deployed heavy military presence in strategic positions in the city. And some insiders within the government privately are confessing to friends and relatives, that the president and the top leadership are already very concerned, that the events similar to those which took place in Sudan may happen in the country -- and bring down the government.
Yesterday after the death of one of the youth leaders Valentino Mathew Deng, himself an SPLM member, many youths are already pointing fingers at the government, which they blame for having a hand in Deng's death. In spite of the serious warning from the government's information minister to the SSYFC to desist from demonstrations on 15 and16.05.2019, the youth members seem to be very determined for the show, as they continue to mobilize mostly on the social media.
Simon Kur

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