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Khartoum, 11 April 2019: There is a huge cloud of uncertainty after the military has oust President Omar Hassan Al Bashir. Shortly after the military has cease power in bloodless coup on early hours of Thursday, the defense military was quick to announce he is heading the interim transitional government which will govern the country for the next two years with the council of military until elections are held. 

This however, has angered the crowds which now vowed to continue with their protests till the military too is out. It remains to be seen whether the military will continue to be peaceful and friendly to the demanding crowds or they will turn their guns against the unarmed civilians.  

“We oppose the statement… it did not cover what people were hoping it would from the army. We expected a statement that would meet the demands of the revolution. Everyone rejects it, we reject it. People will continue to protest until the complete demands of the revolution are met. People are continuing to protest with passion until the demands of the revolution are met God willing.” said Terek an engineer. 

A student who identified himself as Mohamed, “We did not listen to the whole statement. The one thing we know is that there will be a two-year transitional government. We come here tonight as you can see for the martyrs, who were killed by the regime, and the regime is still here. It was toppled once, and it will be toppled again, and this is the only solution we have. This is all I want to say.”  

There is sign of defiance from the crowd which has camped at military headquarters in capital Khartoum, there is no sign that the crowd will return to their homes soon, they vowed to continue with their demonstration until the military will hand over power to civilian authorities. 

“The crowds are huge. We’re expecting a good number of people to stay and for the protests to continue for the next few days said another female student. 


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