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Yei, 19 February 2019; Fresh fighting in Yei  River state, between government forces and National Salvation Front [NAS] has displaced thousands of Civilians. A group of women who have taken to the bushes for their safeties accused the government forces of carrying out an arbitrary killing of unarmed women and small children. They accused the government of shooting intentionally, targetting civilians.
An old woman who escaped from rampaged killing and depopulation of an entire village narrates her ordeal, Margaret has spoken to our regional correspondent in local Juba Arabic, " I have seen armed uniform men, they stormed into our village and immediately started to spray everything with bullets, in my old age, I was forced to run for my life, as I was running, I saw them shot and killed even a baby of two years," said Margaret Kiden. 
When contacted by our correspondent, Yei River state deputy governor Justa Lokudu says, it was the rebel of Thomas Cirilo who are denying the civilians access to come to town; he also blamed the rebels for hiding among civilians. Deputy governor Lokudu denied it was government forces who are terrorizing and carrying arbitrary killing of civilians in Yei. 
Justa Lokudu said as a government they are committed to ensuring peace and stability to return in his state. 
While the women who are now hiding with their children in bushes without access to food and clean water for weeks have refuted the governors' account, they unmistakenly pointed figures and blame on the regime forces.
Kidden added "if we were running from NAS, will we not run to the town of Yei instead of the bush? We haven't seen NAS in our village but the government forces who were killing us"  she concluded. 
When asked for details Margaret Kiden said," these people came with cars, heavy guns and they are speaking in Dinka, they can't be the rebel, because in general insurgents don't own military armours. 
Margaret said she is not sure of the numbers of the people killed by the government, but she said it could number in hundreds while survivors like her have escaped with their bare lives.
J. Robert Swaka 

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