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Juba, 17 February 2019: The government of South Sudan after asking its lawmakers to contribute one day of their monthly salaries to the cause of Revitalized peace agreement, is now considering traders and ordinary citizen to compulsory contribute towards the cause of peace. 

This comes after the international communities especially the TROIKA nations, The US, Norway, and the UK have all wanted the government to demonstrate her seriousness by first making the funds available towards to the cause of implementation peace agreement.  

A total amount of up to $218 million is needed. Most of the money is earmarked for the feeding, training of the expected unified army, housing, and also for Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity which is due to be formed in May however the whole implementation is lagging behind due to the absence of funds per the Juba regime.  

After learning about the proposal by the government to introduction compulsory citizens contribution for peace, South Sudanese took on social media angrily by saying, "if there is money for war, there should also be money available for peace" says Atem on Facebook. 

Another Facebook users wrote, "Let them go to China and borrow more money for peace as they have been doing  for guns." 

Yet another user on Facebook, " haha Inu, this is like Trump is saying Mexico will pay for the wall, so now we the ordinary citizens who are even unable to feed our families have to pay for peace?" who started the war? ordinary citizens or the government" he questioned. 

98 percent of South Sudan's economy depends on oil revenue, however, since 2013 due to the civil war, most of the production was halt due to insecurity. This left Juba regime which is heavily indebted has no option than to twist the hands of impoverished citizens to pay for peace, however, this remains to be seen whether it will produce tangible results. 

Simon Kur Peter 


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