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Khartoum, 5 December 2018; The future participation of South Sudan Opposition Alliance /SSOA in the implementation of Revitalized Peace Agreement hangs in balance, as reliable source with the knowledge in the camp of Opposition Alliance projected the possibility of split within the group. 

The group's leadership according to the group's constitution is supposed to be rotating, however, some section of the opposition alliance headed by renegade rebel leader General Peter Gatdet Yaka and Dr. Lam Akol decided to opt for election after the current leader Changson Chang declined to hand over the leadership to the next leader. 

however, according to the source, the current interim leader of the opposition alliance Gabriel Changson Chang refused to accept the election result conducted on 30 November in Sudanese capital Khartoum. Whilst Gen. Peter Gatdet Yak was declared the winner of the election and he is supposed to take the leadership of the alliance for the next six months. 

The current interim leader Changson Chang refused to concede defeat as result the opposition alliance  split into two, one group supporting the current interim leader Changson Chang whilst the other group backing Gen Peter Gatdet Yaka, 

According to Hussein Abdelbagi Akol, a member of the SSOA faction led by Gabriel Changson, there were irregularities in the electoral process. 

“Our opinions differed over the procedures to elect the leader of SSOA because some leaders of opposition groups that are members of SSOA were absent, but some members decided to go ahead with the election,”  

He said based on the lack of quorum, they decided to reject the outcomes of the elections conducted on November 30.  He said as of now the only recognized leader of SSOA is Gabriel Changon.  

Hussein accused Dr. Lam Akol of trying to create division within SSOA 

Simon Kur Peter 


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