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Washington, 26 October 2018; Just a day after South Sudan President Kiir claimed his innocence about the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by his troops under his direct involvement, A group of South Sudanese intellectuals comprises of medical Doctors, lawyers with their two American renowned layers said they are filing an indictment case against President Salva Kiir.  

"I am not afraid because I did nothing, if there is such a charge, I am ready to go there and I will come back because I did nothing," Kiir said while speaking to Kenyan Citizen TV hosted by Jeff Koinange. 

The group of South Sudanese intellectuals numbering to seven with two of their American international lawyers who have been on the world stage defending the minority rights group across the globe stated that they have a substantial threat of evidence to bring charges against Kiir and his generals to The Hague based International Criminal Court [ICC] 

One of the South Sudanese American lawyers who asked for his identity to be withheld because the matter is not yet brought to light, said this will now end the impunity President Kiir and his generals enjoyed over decades. 

He further said they have been collecting evidence right on the onset of 2013 atrocities committed by soldiers mainly from Kiir's ethnic Dinka. The unidentified South Sudanese-American lawyer indicated the soon they finished with the last documentation, they will forward the document with the substantial pieces of evidence to the ICC prosecutor and after the ICC is done with case study and review of the evidence, then a warrant of arrest will be issued against incumbent South Sudan' leader.  

He said another alternative measure could be if, Kiir voluntarily reported to The Hague based International Criminal Court, he will be given more time to attend to court and return to his duties like the case of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto. 

Former International Criminal Court Judge who was involved in Joseph Kony’s case said to bring a case to the attention of ICC against an individual who is believed to have committed an atrocity, crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing is not hard. This can be done by an individual or group of people as long as the allegation bears strong evidence of the genocide, massacre, sexual crimes to suppress one ethnic group." South Sudan's case is not unique now that the evidence seemed to be substantial, it is likely President Kiir who acts like there is no rules and laws to guide him will possible be indicated," he added. 

In September, a new study by London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine says South Sudan's civil war has caused the deaths of 382,000 people, far higher than previous estimates. 

The report from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine says that about half of the deaths resulted from violence, with the rest caused by the increased risk of disease and reduced access to health care and food. 

The findings were based on statistical models that compared actual deaths with expected deaths based on census projections and previously collected mortality data. 

The war in South Sudan broke out in December 2013, two and a half years after the country won independence from Sudan after the Kiir Lied about none existent coup in pretense to rid himself of south Sudanese leaders capable of replacing him and his ethnic centric agendas,  which lead to the Cleansing of the Nuer from Juba, which only was the beginning of the bloodsheds of genocide he unleashed all over South Sudan, for which he must face Justice. 


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