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Nairobi, 20 Oct 2018; General Paul Malong Awan, former South Sudan's army chief of staff's son Malual Malong was caught on video swimming with millions of US Dollars and other currencies in his Serene Hotel room in Nairobi, Kenya. 

Paul Malong's son displayed several bundles of Dollars tied with elastic robbers in a suitcase and he further displaced more Dollars in his luxury Hotel room while he was believed to be enjoying himself with a white lady drinking. 

After the video of Malong's younger son went viral on social media, during a live Televised interview with Jeff Koinange in presence of his father General Paul Malong. Young self-proclaimed millionaire, Malual Yirol Malong Junior said he doesn't get his riches from his father Paul Malong, but he acquired his wealth because the Lord Jesus blessed him. 

The 30-year-old son of Malong boasted that he is famous, as he pointed at his shoes and said during the live interview that he is wearing what he calls Jim’s shoes worth 10.000 US dollars and Rolex watch which worth thousands of US Dollars. 

Malual Yirol Malong further boasted and said that he is sleeping in Serene Luxury hotel and spending 2500 US Dollars per night. As he yielded on top of his voice he added, I am famous and flying in private jet” he said. 

What is more shocking is during the cause of the entire interview his father, Paul Malong kept quiet, while his son Malual Malong Junior disowned him and denied that he is not the son of his father Paul Malong. “I am not the son of Paul Malong, even when you are calling me his son, I am Malual Yirol Malong Junior, the younger son of Malual Malong” he added 

The same Malual Yirol Malong decried last week that members of South Sudan Security Services have been dispatched to Kenya to harm him.  

Despite Lual Malong's claimed that he got his wealth because he was blessed by his Lord Jesus Christ, he has no record of proper employment and sound academia paper to prove his claim that he is very wealthy and famous and got his riches through his hard work.  

It is believed the money the young man is enjoying himself with in Luxury hotel are state’s stolen money. Last week Kenyan activists took on streets of Nairobi, calling for Kenyan government to take tough step against Kenyan banks through which stolen money have been flown to Kenya. 

It is believed South Sudanese political elites and top senior military officials have taken millions if not billions of Dollars from South Sudan, leaving ordinary South Sudanese struggle to have meal on table. South Sudanese elites are enjoying luxurious lives with their families in Kenya and Uganda living in Marshall, villas and driving expensive cars. 

As the likes of Paul Malong’s young son continue to misuse the state’s stolen Dollars in displeasing ways, millions of South Sudanese, more importantly, his Dinka ethnic tribe are dying like animals and have resorted in eating wild leaves due to several acute shortest of food. 

"it is absurd, outrageous and disgraced what this young man is doing, not having sympathy with his countrymen and women living on hand out by humanitarian agencies." wrote one of Facebook users. 

Joshua Onyango 


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