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Juba, 10 Oct. 2018; Is the revitalized peace agreement a lasting peace deal or instead it is another lure to shed more blood of innocent South Sudanese in the nation's capital in the coming months? 

we in the media houses wishes not to speculate about the uncertain future of our country, hijacked by tyranny, but can't help to shout the alarms as the second return of Dr. Riek Machar and his associates to the national capital Juba may be greeted by Kiir, yet again, with another attempt on their lives. 

According to a source present in a closed-door meeting convened by President Kiir in J1 on 22 August, attended by JCE, including the Godfather of the Jieng nation, Bona Malual who is the chief architect of the infamous Jieng's crafts to cleans other ethnic groups from the world youngest nation. 

This reporter has learned with great details that President Kiir and his Jieng Council of elders are planning what they call "the ultimate and decisive blow" against Machar and the Equatoria region in particular. The leaked JCE plans, Chaired by Mr. Kiir himself in J1 on the 22nd of August 2018, resolved to hand over every inch of South Sudanese territories to their kin, the Dinkas, This they claim, is their bounties from the devastating five years of civil war. 

Publicly dubbed as a security briefing and the welcoming of the disgraced former South Sudanese Ambassador to Russia, Ambassador Deng Telar Ring, the meeting was designed for the top JCE operatives to device against south Sudanese in favor of the Jieng 

Before his self-imposed exile and subsequent defection to the camp of former South Sudanese army chief Paul Malone, Mr. Teler was a prominent member of the vicious Dinka tribal Mafia, the  “Jieng Council of Elders (JCE)” blamed by majority of South Sudanese for laying the plans that led to the15 December 2013 massacre and genocide of the Nuer in the Capital city. 

President Salva Kiir attended the disguised meeting accompanied by the entire Jieng Council of Elders to include, the Director-General of National Security, Gen. Akol Koor Kuac. 

The secret objectives of the meeting, however, was to plan and strategize the elimination of the members of SPLA-IO using the well trained and ruthless, the "unknown gunmen." By reliable sources, these known "Unknown gunmen" are centered, trained and controlled by what Museveni called the" sharpshooters" who are the elite members of Uganda's People Defense Force/UPDF, a robust special force with a mission to protect Museveni, which he now lends for Kiir for its Darkest mission in the streets of Juba. These have trained their South Sudanese counterparts who supply them logistics, intelligence and security devices procured from China and Ukraine. 

The President opened the meeting with these words: “First of all, I would like to welcome our brother, Ambassador Telar Ring and all the esteemed members of this essential Council ever to have existed among the Jing." 

Mr. Kiir proceeded by saying "I’m happy if we the Dinka community are living in unity despite our internal grievances, we have put Jieng community above all our individual and clan interests and everything." 

Kiir during the secret meeting urged Nhial Deng Nhial , to quickly expedites the plan to convince his former Allie Paul Malong to return home. " We hope our brother, Gen. Paul Malong, will join us soon, as there is a sign of a good response from his side since I have established contact and negotiation with him through brother Nhial Deng. 

The president further warned the members of the council to keep open-eyes of the new and real threats posed by the Equatorians. He said the Equatorians fighters pose a significant risk for the Jieng. "For your information, we need to open our eyes very well, the time has come now that we defeated the Nuer, now it is for us to prepare ourselves to deal with the enemies who are blocking our progress as Jieng community, and the biggest threat now is Equatorians" he added. 

"The Equatorian people now stood up and joined the Nuer, and they plan to flush us out of power, and now they have become our biggest enemy, that if we don’t open our eyes, they will overrun this government and will chase us out." 

According to the informant, Kiir is worried about the rebellion led by General Thomas Cirilo, given he Cirilo did not sign the Khartoum peace agreement. 

"The Equatorian leaders and the other non-Nuer and non-Dinka tribes are working together nowadays to unite and fight us, the Jieng" Mr. Kiir further added. He told the council that he has reliable information that Lt General Thomas Cirillo is not alone, there are some leaders of Equatoria inside Juba here who are with him and must be dealt with promptly. 

Mr. Kiir also called for Dinka militia to be recruited to control and confiscate more Equatorian land. "Our first plan of controlling some land in Equatoria and other places in Western Bahr-el-Ghazel has succeeded" we have " 80% of Juba now under our control, including also Yei River, Wau, Yambio and Nimule but we need more manpower to deny the Equatorian bandits' survival footholds and habitats," said Kiir. 

I have talked to President our brother Yoweri Museveni of Uganda to help us take control of Kajo-Keji, Morobo, and Lainya in Yei River, and he said ‘no problem.’ 

Mr. Kiir further reassured the tribal council with details of his well-communicated plan with the Ugandan leaders to eradicate the  Equatorian rebel forces in Yei River state. "Soon he [Museveni] will plan for chaos inside Arua, Koboko and Moyo districts in the West Nile region of Uganda, and then together, we will flash out those Equatorians in Kajo-Keji, Morobo and Lainya" Mr. Kiir was quoted while addressing the council. 

"We wholeheartedly agreed that he, Museveni, will take some part and we, as Jieng (Dinka) will do the rest," Kiir informed the ordains, the report reveals. 

Mr. Kiir said, "He [Museveni] has promised me that he will not allow any group to operate in Equatoria, secondly, let us sign the revitalization peace agreement and all those oppositions to come in." 

"This time we are going to coordinate together on how to deal with them once and once for all" the President further assured the Dinka council of elders. 

Kiir added. "and in Juba, this time around, I want our forces to kill these Equatorians in big numbers and even rape their women to show who are the true men, we will chase them out of Juba once and for all to take control of Juba." 

The Plan is similar to the Nuer Massacre but this time targeting the Equatorians in the Capital city, "before implementation of the Revitalization peace, we need to recruit new units of Mathiang Anyoor militia on top of what our brother Gen Paul Malong has recruited, all of them must be armed and sent home around Juba to be like civilians until time for the operation comes" Kiir said. 

The meeting also resolved that the Eqatorian soldiers serving in SPLA forces are to be re-deployed outside Juba, the few remaining in the city are to be disarmed. 

Kiir further revealed there are already 3000 UPDF stationed in Juba, they are invisible working as traders, building constructors or causal workers, all of them are now working around Juba and in Yei. 

"It’s time to deal with these Equatorians and non-Dinka leaders who are in the army and other organized forces including politicians," said South Sudan's leader according to the leaked report. 

The JCE tasked the Director of National Security service/ NSS to draw masterplan to eliminate the opposition leaders, "what is needed, for the revitalization of peace is for Gen. Akol Koor and the other senior military commanders to sit down and work out the plan of eliminations and execution of all these opposition leaders, particularly the group of G10 and Dr. Riek Machar" the statement reveals. 

The President was quoted saying, in the closed-door meeting, that the biggest enemies are now the Equatorians, "our big enemies are "inu" among Equatorian leaders who will be a threat to us [Jieng], these are Hon Clement Wani Konga and Gen Obuto Mamur, these two if we don’t deal with them, no one among us will exist in Equatoria land" it wasn't clear why Kiir still considers hon Konga, and Gen Obuto as threats though  through their loyalty and  supports saved his government. 

We need to plan well against them without wasting time. Kiir further said General Thomas Cirillo is to be assassinated between Uganda, Sudan or Egypt soon, he Thomas will be invited in pretext to attend a meeting like what we did to George Athor. Gen George Athor was lured to participate in a meeting with Museveni in Kampala, he was believed to have been killed by Ugandan security, and his body was brought to Morobo border town to appear as if he was shot in fighting, he was assassinated in December 2011. 

Measures are to be in place to prevent Equatorian leaders from leaving Juba, and these include denying them access to hard currencies through the central banks, controlling their bank accounts and instructing securities not to allow them to leave exit points. 

Among other key speakers are Bona Malual, who opened his statement by saying, "I greet you all in the name of Jieng. Am very blessed and congratulation to my brother, Ambassador Telar Ring, for the wise decision he has taken by returning home to join his people in the struggle." 

Like the President, Bona Malual thanked the Council for standing in the cause of the Dinka people during the crisis, "it was our steadfast unity that kept our brother, President Kiir," said Bona Malual. 

He further went on saying "My brothers, there is no way we can protect ourselves as Dinka (Jieng) community unless we must come together." 

"Secondly, I would like to thank the President, our son, for his effort to unite the Jieng community. He and our brother Hon. Nhial Deng Nhial has played a huge role to bring us together despite our disagreements and misunderstandings". 

"This is the spirit that we want to exist from generation to generation to come" he added. "History tells us most of the Equatorians are Kenyan, Ugandan, Congolese, and the Nuer and Anyuak are from Ethiopia.I was with President H.E. Omer Hassan Al-Bashir two days back, discussing the revitalization peace process and our joint tactics towards getting the upper hand in the process. H.E. President Omar Al-Bashir openly told me, “Sudan will never and ever stand with Nuer and Shilluk, and the only thing he wants from us as Jieng is to recognize the disputed places like Abyei, Kafia Kingi, Mile Fifteen as Sudanese territories He added. 

Bona Malual said President Bashir needs more parts of Nuer and Shilluk to be annexed to Sudan, such are including the oil-rich areas of Rubkona, Renk and other places in the border, in which case we agreed with Khartoum's proposal that is why there are already deployment of Sudan army Forces in oil fields in South Sudan. 

"So, it’s time for us to work with our friends in the region particularly Uganda and Sudan, for us to accomplish our mission" he concluded. 

Justin S. Kwaje 

Senior investigator 


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