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Juba, 5 June 2018; A new report emerged about the corruption scandals between the Ministry of Health of South Sudan and the unnamed daughter of former governor of the Central bank of South Sudan. According to the report the unnamed daughter of former Governor of Central bank of South Sudan. Hon Cornelio Koriom Mayiek's daughter who owned Pharmaceutical company known as "Wanda Pharmaceuticals company" 

It was alleged between 2014 to 2015, when the Country's economy hit its trouble, the Ministry of Health was then allocated approximately 3.000.000 [3] million USD every month for period of two years, therefore total estimated amount of 72 million has been allocated to Ministry of Health under the leadership of Honorable Minister Riak Gai Kok. However, the amount of 72 million dollars remain unaccounted for in the period of 2014/2015.  

This according to the report the amount was issued under what is titled as, Letter of credit/LC" for the Central bank to directly issue USD for Ministry Health to purchase essential medicines needed during the crisis in form of Bank letter of credit (LCs) to import drugs. 

The emerging report directly implicated the Undersecretary of Ministry of Health, Dr. Riak Gai Kok, the Minister of Health, and the unnamed daughter of former governor of Central Bank of South Sudan. The report directly pinned the trio for forming a coalition of corruption, and they diverted the 72 Million Dollars into their individual bank accounts in the foreign country.  

It was further believed the money was divided among the trio and wired into Kenyan Commercial Bank. 

The report further pinned the former governor of Central Bank of South Sudan, Mr. Cornelio Koriom to have knowledge about the money, another highly suspect in this high profile corruption scandals is former Finance Minister Stephen Dau. it is unlikely this can happen without his knowledge and Mr. Cornelio, the two were further said to have benefited from receiving their shares from the embezzled 72 US$ between 2014-2015, earmarked to rescue the  country from its crisis. 

Another suspected criminal in the deal is Dr. Makur who issued letters of credit to Wanda company, Dr. Makur did not make follow up with Wanda company after it has obtained US$ dollars from the Central Bank instead of buying medicine, the corrupt officials including Hon Dr. Riak Gai Kok took part in corruption scandal diverted the cash without any accountability whatsoever till this date the report says. 

"As a result of huge money theft, a portion of money awarded to combat the issue of health in the country's trouble crisis. Most workers in the ministry of Health went unpaid, most hospitals' ambulances were granted down, there is no maintenance in most hospitals in the country including the country's biggest hospital, Juba Teaching Hospital" said the unnamed source.

An officer who work for MoH who spoke to SSLN in condition of anonymity because of fear of reprisal into to his life, said due to sophisticated nature of high corruption in the MoH, all the DG from 2014 until now do not have fuel for their cars although the Minister and Undersecretary received regularly huge amounts from the ministry of finance for all cars. He accused Mr. Gai Kok and undersecretary of diverting government resources for personal gains.   He further alleged that Minister Riak Gai Kok and undersecretary have made a coalition of selling Ministry cars to their relatives, and others are given to their girlfriends, this, however, SSLN cannot independently verify.

J.Robert Swaka


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