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Gen. Paul Malong declares insurgency agains his former Boss.

April 9th 2018. Paul Malong the man who used to be the right hand of Salva Kiir and the master planner and architect in executing Salva Kiir's war against his own people for the last four years has officially launched rebellion against his former boss.  In his press release the former SPLA army chief of staff declared to oust Kiir by force through use of arms. 

Malong, in his press release, declared forming his own armed movement, calling it South Sudan United Front [SSUF]. If his track record is to be our guide, should he succeed in his mission, the movement will not alleviate the blood sheds nor liberate the country but rather it would be another means to continue to unleash ethnic genocide on south Sudanese. His will be a tribe militia only for Dinka to fulfil their  imperial agenda set by the Jieng Council of Elders. Malong sees Kiir as incapable of fullfilling the long hatched tribal agenda, "The  born to rule" 

In the Press release a copy seen by this reporter, Malong accused his former boss, Kiir, of misappropriating and wasteful spending of the country's treasure thus making the country bankrupt with no services and infrastructures provided to ordinary South Sudanese citizens for the last 13 years. 

"Kiir who inherited the leadership of our country and SPLA upon the death of Dr John Garang De Mobior, has concentrated his efforts, with the help of a small tribal elites around him, to quite literally loot the coffer of our great nation to total Bankruptcy. A fact that President himself publicly admitted when he said our country is broke" says Malong in the letter. 

Malong further accused the country's leader for plundering the country's vast resources for the last 13 years. However, it is worth mentioning that for the last 13 years of Kiir's  Tyranny, Malong actual was believed to be the one driving the country militarily. Observers believe that the man is merely barking loudly trying to grab Kiir's attention, hoping he will get an important position in the government he got kicked out of and through which his family become one of the wealthiest in the very poorest of nations. Experts on South Sudanese affairs however said this is unlikely to happen as Kiir has brought back the former bitter rival of Malong, General Dau Authjong and promoted him to the rank of Lt general which was meant to immune Northern Bahr el Ghazalians from rebelling against Kiir 






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