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South sudanese gov't dispatched team of espionages in refugee camps in Uganda

Arua, 6 April 2018; The Office of deputy military spokesperson of armed opposition under the leadership of the exiled former Vice President Dr Riek Machar, has accused Juba regime for using poor refugees in the ranks of its spy team to carry out espionage work against SPLA-IO officials living in Uganda.  according to Col Lam Gabriel the team of spy are dispatched to different refugee camps in neighbouring Uganda, with mission to kidnap, forceful take their victims back to Juba or assassinate them in Ugandan soil.   

Among the team of local spies who are resident of Arua, is a man name Isaac Moro Johnson. After our investigation we found out that Isaac Moro Johnson is South Sudanese with dual Dutch citizenship. Isaac was among more than 50 families of South Sudanese who were settled in the Netherlands in late 1990s. Later he moved with his wife and children to UK, where he conned a Pakistani businessman in the name of creating lucrative business in Juba in 2011.  

After reaching to Juba that same year 2011, Isaac whose true nationality is a Uganda from Lugbara tribe of Arua lied to his business partner the Pakistani businessman that he was robbed after arriving in Juba as such he loses the money. 

Sources who know Isaac Moro told South Sudan Liberty News that to avoid being imprison in UK, for obtaining money by inducement manner from prominent businessman in UK. Isaac decided remain in Arua. He added that it is not surprise Isaac whose life is rocked with obtaining money from clients and friends by inducement has nothing to live on than to gamble hi chances to grab the little cash coming from Juba.   

Lam says after suffering a humiliating defeat in the nearly two weeks fight in Western side of Kajo-Keji County following its incursion into SPLA-IO controlled areas, the regime decided to deploy agents of the South Sudan National Security Service and the Military Intelligence to the West Nile region of Uganda and in Kampala to supposedly kidnap, extradite or in difficult situation assassinate Senior Members of the SPLM/A IO. 

The notorious kidnappers under the command of 1st Lt. Lemi Polondoro are being directed by Isaac Moro who claims to be the Coordinator for the South Sudan Embassy in Arua District. The group is sent with much money for bribing individual officers to facilitate their evil plan of abduction and deportation. As I write, two wounded soldiers, two officers of the SPLA IO and an ambulance driver have been arrested and detained in Koboko. There is also a crackdown for South Sudan refugees along the border towns and some areas in Kampala on the basis that they are supporters and sympathizers of the SPLM/A IO. 

The SPLA IO condemn such dubious activity of the regime in Juba and calls upon the Uganda government to prevent the spill-over of the insecurity from South Sudan by cracking down those elements sent to carryout operational activities with contempt in breach of the territorial integrity of Uganda. The SPLA IO maintains its honest respect to the government if Uganda as usual.  

Secondly, on 05/04/2018 at about 1:32pm, the ethnic regime in Juba combined with JEM militias attacked the SPLM/A IO positions in Uyu-juku (Dem Ziber) and Sabo areas of Raja. The forces were supported with 5 Land Cruisers mounted with 12.7mm during the attack. However, the SPLA IO forces defeated and repulsed the attackers with heavy losses. Our forces captured 23 Ak-47, 4 RBG, 3 PKM in good condition, and destroyed one land cruiser pickup. 25 enemy’s death bodies counted and several injured as blood trails could be seen 

The SPLA IO calls upon CTSAMM and UNMISS to investigate these events as soon as possible so that truth is established. 


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