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May 8th 2017. South Sudanese around the globe were shocked by their president’s reading skills last week when the genocidal president, Salva Kiir struggled to read the word “corporation” during a live television address on SSTV. The embarrassing video clip has been shared on WhatsApp and Facebook by almost one million south Sudanese across the globe.

In the video, while Kiir was trying to read “China National Petroleum Corporation”, the word “corporation” proved unfamiliar to him and he spent about seven seconds battling with the killer word. At first he tried to swap the word with “commission” but then probably realised that it was not making sense. He kept practising it over and over till he finally got it right;

 “…, uuuh! cor-co, corporation” the warrap president stumered over the simple word.

Supporters of the regime, in defence of their president advised south Sudanese to look at Kiir’s achievements and not to only focus on his reading abilities.

“Some people have PhDs but they cannot achieve what our president has achieved. Those focusing on his English will never achieve anything in their lives” reads the comment of one of his (Kiir’s) diehards.

Another furious contributor blames Kiir’s Ugandan concubine/ English tutor for the whole mess. He thinks that if Kiir had not surrounded himself with prostitutes and tribal men, his reading skills and other competences would have picked up.

“What do you expect of a drunkard who is surrounded by prostitutes (referring to Kiir’s Ugandan concubine/English tutor), and tribal men? Sadly, he is making all south Sudanese to look uncivilized like himself,” fumes the angry contributor.

Even if Kiir’s supporters suggested that people should focus on his positive deeds, the evidences of his failed regime speak louder than thunder. Salva Kiir has clearly destroyed the young country through his tribal agenda, and unconstitutional governance. He has created more enemies than he can handle. His tribal forces which made him maintain his grip onto power are now drifting to the opposition.

President Salva Kiir holds a fake bachelor degree awarded by a Kenyan University, and by report they are also working on his fake PhD. So, his supporters should in fact prepare for a far bigger embarrassment because soon after obtaining his fake PhD, expectations about his competence will also increase since he would have officially joined the academic level of the likes of Dr. Riek Machar, et. al. He will need to stop saying “inu” when speaking to the press or foreign dignitaries, and speak English which can be understood by president Donald Trump and other world leaders!


Nicholas Osobi,

Revolutionary Columnist,

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  • David Lokosang

    Just a quick reply to those idiots who said people should focus on what Kiir has achieved rather than his English ability. They should be ashamed of what they are saying. Kiir is the president of the Republic of South Sudan representing all of us whether we disagree with him or not, therefore whatever he does is reflected to all of us because outsiders would not know who are Kiir supporters and who are not. Some may assumed he may be the best not knowing that he is a foolish semi illiterate person supported by a group of war lords. In regard to achievement, is killing innocent citizen, rapping women and girls, robbing people property an achievement? that is a disgrace to all of us including those idiots who support him.
    What I said in 2014 that South Sudan will never move an inch as long as Salfa Kiir remain the president has proved to be true.
    His supporters should demand him to relinguish his power to an able man rather than making themselves more fool.

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