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Nimule, August 6, 2016; Heavy fighting started this morning (Saturday) along the Juba-Nimule vital life serving road, it is reported that  fighting started on the early hours of Saturday morning, government forces are going from Nimule to reinforce their colleagues but were reported been ambushed around Loa-Pageri area and according to sources there could be some heavy causalities.

It is reported that this vital life serving Juba-Nimule road, the A43 which is the only major road connecting South Sudan with neighboring Uganda is now closed and no civilian transports are allow to leave Nimule to Juba.

There is no immediate report about the number of causality but as of now the fighting is still going on.  An attempt to reach the spokesperson of SPLA-IO (captain Theophilus   Pitia Badru) operating in Magwi County and along the Juba-Nimule highway was in vain as he phone is unreachable.

In the past SPLA-IO operating along this vital life serving highway threatened to close down the road indefinitely if their forces are provoked and attacked by government forces and their militias’ allies.

In the past few days government forces have been waging robotic ethnic cleansing in Ma’diland, therefore some people here in Nimule speculated that the fighting could be now retaliation on SPLA-Kiir’s forces for killing seven unarmed civilian in Loa last Saturday, two elderly man and a woman in Kerepi, Ikwa, and three more civilians at Kerepi Lunyayo.

This morning fighting along the life serving highway will now mean Juba is going to be lockdown indefinitely and the civilians who are trying to escape through this route will have no more escaping route to neighboring Uganda.

If the fighting is in the favor of the rebel forces this will now cut off the government military supplies coming from Uganda on the land through this road, and consequently hunger and starvation will increase in Juba and eventual Kiir will not succeed in achieving peace through violent.

Please stay tune as we bring to you more updates about the unfolding situation along Juba-Nimule highway.


Andrew Olweny

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