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September 14th2017. The blocking of the former Army chief of staff, Gen. Paul Malongfrom travelling to Kenya for DNA sampling following the death of his daughter Alakiir, essentially saved his dignity from evaporating in thin air as the DNA result might have not only shocked him to the core but also disgraced the entire nation. By reportAlakiir might not be his biological daughter because Malong and Alakiir’s mother, Lucy Ayak were rumoured to have had some conjugal barricade when Alakiir was being born. The same sources also believe that a number ofMalong’s children were born in similar situation. However, the DNA that has been used to identify the body of Alakiir was taken from the mother. The next journey now is for the family to take the body of Alakiir to the home village of Malualkon.

For someone like Malong who overtly devoted his life in orchestrating tribal wars and recruiting child soldiers while trying to keep up with his conjugal obligation with his swarms of wives totalling up to 112, questions around paternity becomes subject of interest owing to the fact they all live far apart; some are in Juba, Awel, Kampala, Nairobi etc. 

Even if it is uncommon to rejoice over the misfortune of another person in south Sudanese culture, the death of Alakiir has been perceived by most south Sudanese as divine justice forthe atrocities Malong committed against the common citizens. Some jubilant south Sudanesedashed onto the social media (Facebook) to express their feelings about Alakiir’s death. Below are some of the excerpts;

War criminal Paul Malong Awan coldly, and mercilessly butchered hundreds of thousands of South Sudanese children and women, and displaced millions more to the neighbouringcountries; do you think he deserves to be released to go to Nairobi, to see his dead and hospitalized daughters? To me, it is a no no! Let Paul Malong Awan experience the pain others are going through because of his devilish spirit. Call me a devil and live with it.” Alphonse L.K

I feel sorry for the deceased but not the dad. So many souls were burnt to ashes through his recklessness. Some of them didn't even get the chance for a decent burial. So talking of DNA issue is nonsense. Just pray that the soul of the innocent girl rest in peace. But the dad..... Let him feel the pain so many parents and children have felt.” Abu. S

Man, it is your turn to feel the pain of death because when you were serving as the army chief of staff, you didn’t know the pain you caused to other families..... FACE THE WRATH OF GOD IN ABUNDANCE.” Luis. N

How many South Sudanese have lost their lives in the hands of Malong and Kiir? You think his daughter is better than the other victims of her father?” Mzee. K

Such commentaries evidently point to how unpopular Paul Malong is in the whole of South Sudan. His notorious tribal terrorist group known as Mathiang anyoor or Dinka-haram grouphave been responsible for targeted killing of civilians based on ethnicities, vandalising properties, raping of women and young girls


Nicholas Osobi

Revolutionary Columnist,

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