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The South Sudanese Former Detainees are just Spectators of the ongoing conflicts in RSS

 John Adoor Deng, Australia. The South Sudanese Former Political Detainees (FD) also referred to, as G- 10 are not in my view, helping in the flagging situation in South Sudan.  Although I was initially, to some extent, their mild supporter right from the onset, when they were in jail. Readers can attest to the article I wrote, published in South  Sudan news sites were I referred to them (FD) as biblical Meshach, Abednego, and Shadrack who survived the wrath of the Babylonian king. Unlike the Israelite resilience men who stood the great temptation of the time and feared none, the South Sudanese Former Detainees are just spectators of the ongoing conflicts in South Sudan.

Upon their painful released, they cowardly turned their backs to those who fiercely fully advocated for their release including Dr Riek Machar, Madam Rebecca de Mabior and all South Sudanese who fought hard mounting pressures to condition their release, alive and healthy. Unfortunately, at their released, they miscalculated events at hands thinking that they will through this crisis; take on the leadership of the country. They had believed that the region and international community should rain in to install one of them, as a leader has not facilitated in the conflict.  In their views, Kiir and Machar were going to be bad people in the eyes of the international community. Off course, circumstances have now taught them otherwise, Dr Machar, despite difficulties facing him each day has continued to grow in his popularity and so is President Kiir's tact in Juba despite declining public support for him.

Thus, I have come to realize after a lengthy look at their daily utterances; how they wanted to remain as separate political unit call FD or G10 without playing an active part in bringing about peace to the Republic of South Sudan.  In my view, they are a failed, insignificant forum who wanted to be regarded as “holy men” who played no part in the conflict forgetting that they ironically work harder to ignite this conflict in the context of the press conference of the 6th of December 2013.

In its entirety,  this forum  (FD/G10) should not continue to exist,  they either disintegrate or join one party among the current political actors ( NAS, IG, IO Bush, IO Juba and other political and civil forces ) helping in trying to wage peace in the country. The reasoning here is widely informed by the following:

1.    FD or call them G10 have no central position. They act in some forums as the solid body but in other forums, as distinctive particles to each other.  For example, we have seen how a portion of them rallied behind a position that calls for UN 10 year Trusteeship of South Sudan. On the other hands, we have seen those of Dr Majak calling for regime changed through the installation of  Technocrat Government (TG) while their allied Foreign  Minister Hon Deng Abor is on their opposite selling President Kiir’ policies and exerting no solidarity with his colleagues in the diaspora.

2.    They exerted no influence internal or externally, but are a bunch of lonely disgruntle leaders trekking in the bushes unarmed. Internally, they have no sizable following among the South Sudanese both in the diaspora, displaced and inside South Sudan. Externally, they have become lobbyists like a civil society with no significant gain. For example, they have hosted numerous meetings with regional leaders, international bodies but nothing so far has materialised in their favour.

3.    They are exclusive forum; in that, nobody can join them unless one was jail with them in Juba, they have no agenda and a suitable platform to engage South Sudanese who are thirsty for meaningful political dispensation. 

Although most of them have a fascinating historical background in terms of their sacrifices in the 21st year's conflicts, they have in recent development become political ambivalent and opportunistic.  In order to redeem their good selves, the FD must rethink their political position or opted to become what  Dinka call  “Jong Abuthic”, meaning a dog who waited in hiding for an offer that never comes through till its death shadow it.

The Writer is John Adoor Deng, Author of the book entitled: The Politics of Ethnicity and Governance in South Sudan. He can be reach on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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