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March 11th 2018. The Taban Dang Gai Saga in betraying his own comrades in the movements comes to bear, It is Money over Lives as one Political analyst put it, "Oil over  Lives. "It was said like Judas  iscariot who betrayed his boss, Jesus the Christ for 30 pieces of Silver, Taban fell out with his former Boss, Dr. Riek Machar when he was not given the position he courted for, Minister of Petroleum. The attached letter reveals how they maneuver the oil Money for personal gains and they would go all length to achieve it, be it the lives of their comrades or Kin so long they get the green thus the infamous recent declarations of his comrade in crime, Ezekiel Gatkouth, "The economy is booming" and yes it is, their own economy that is while the rest of the country goes to waste. If it is true as the letter suggest, then our own Oil is being used to finance the deaths of our loved one, the genocide of our citizens, commentators reached by SSLN suggest this is purely money laundering moves.

For original copy of the letter please CLICK: Taban Deng Gai: "Oil over lives".

Justin S Kwaje



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