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Morobo, 30 June 2017; The office of Deputy spokesperson of armed opposition under the leadership of former First Vice President Riek Machar, has on Friday launched accusations against Juba regime. The accusations range from abduction of poor south Sudanese refugees youth who sought safety in Uganda, to recruitment of refugee youth in the name of giving them education, to the extortion of poor to buy their security while in Uganda, and forceful kidnapping of young desperate south Sudanese youth in Bidi-bidi refugee camp in Yumbe District, and other settlement camps such as Pagirinya, Adjumani District located approximately 24km from Nimule.

Col Lam Paul gives detail explanation with dates how Juba regime has recruited undercover spies and send them to kidnap and recruit the refugees in Uganda.

Lam also accused Juba militia ally for continuing targeted attacks on civilians in Morobo and other places in and around Yei.

"Yesterday on 29th June 2017 at about 06:00 hour, Juba militias came from Kaya town went and attacked Yondu village in Morobo County where civilians are settled, They killed four civilians including a pastor and his son and also wounded two women who are currently being treated. Partly Reads the statement.

Yondu is under the control of SPLA- IO forces, however Col Lam accused the regime forces for using civilians to direct them to avoid coming into direction clashes with SPLA- IO in their nearby bases, therefore he said the attack against civilians in Yondu is premeditated attack because the soldiers headed straight to civilians residences before attacking and killing four.

Lam also accused and directly linked the Juba-Bor road attack which left at least nine fatal civilians casualties, he blamed this on Juba regime forces. At least nine people were killed on the attack and they are mainly civilian traders from Pibor. According to the report obtained by this news network, they were executed after the vehicle in which they were travelling in was stopped by armed soldiers who according to eyewitnesses are from presidential guard unit of Tiger.

"Separately, the Juba regime with its counter insurgency tactics killed Nine (9) civilians on Juba - Bor road, looting all their belongings"

"The SPLA- IO strongly condemns these criminal and cowardice acts by the Juba regime towards the innocent civilians who preferred to stay in the country other than go to refugee camps" he said.

Col Lam cautioned the civilians and refugees to be vigilant to watch out, "We call upon our civilians to be vigilant of militias and spies being recruited by the regime amidst them as they (the insurgents) are the ones being used to loot, rape and kill for the government"

He added, "The SPLA -IO also accuses the government of Juba for recruiting South Sudanese refugees from camps in Uganda and also some innocent Ugandans. Below are dates of the reported recruitments as they happened in Uganda"

For instance Lam said on 7th March 2017, Officials from the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) intercepted 63 South Sudanese refugees in Adjumani being ferried in two separate trucks to South Sudan with the pretext of going back for S.4 examinations. If the government of Juba was able to prevent the Nuer students in POCs from attending the examination, how can they transport refugees to do it?

He went on saying 22nd March 2017, in Yei River state Governor Lokonga's team of criminals which included Bishop Elias Taban signed agreement with Data John and two others who were from Bidi Bidi refugee camp in the name of being SPLA -IO soldiers.

Around early May 2017, Adel Sendri also made an underground agreement with some refugees and some Ugandan youth in Arua. They were flown to Juba.

And yet again on 6th June2017, Self promoted Gen. Yakani also signed an agreement with Yei river state government; mediated by the same blood money minded Bishop Elias Taban, in the name of SPLA IO Yei faction which does not exist. Yakani and his group were all refugees.

Final he said on 19 June 2017, Hon. Otim David also put his mark by signing agreement with the now demoted official, former Brig. General Okot David Awai and nine others who later flew from Kampala, Uganda to Juba, South Sudan.

He said all the so called agreements were signed in Kampala but  the origin of those fake agreement were all from refugee camps. Therefore SPLA- IO appeals to the Uganda government to continue to protect the suffering South Sudanese refugees under their care. The Juba regime is ready to strengthen its depleting forces through these refugees.


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  • I think you people have to rethink your strategy of taking lairs. Your IO spokesperson is contradicting himself. If the refugees who have taken refugee are now accepting to be recruited by Juba government then, it is the indication that, people are really tired of your useless rebellion. So it is a warning sigh if you people have ears and eyes that tells you the civilians are now very angry and they are ready to die to crush your rebellion out once and for all.
    Secondly, you lie by saying those student who went to sit for their exams are being recruited. In the first place you are anti progress. You advised civilians to leave South Sudan and now our children are staying without school and those who went to sit their exams for the good of their own future you term them to be recruited. This shows your ill rotten hidden politics of destroying the youths.
    Thirdly, you lie when you say Gen. Yakani is self proclaimed general with what is happening yesterday in Morobo, it indicates bleak future of SPLA IO. If civilians are now willing to escort SPLA soliders to where your rebels are stationed, then it is only a matter of time before you people are taught a lesson which you will not forget. The peace lovers are deserting your vision less rebellion. Your aim is to kill the future of the S. Sudanese refugees children to stay without education. You are a looser. Education to some communities in S. Sudan is a valuable asset brother and they will not buy your lies.

    It is sad if you start accusing man of God who is working for peace. Let all S. Sudanese now see. These are dangerous people and hypocrites. They hid their children in Nairobi and Ethiopia and they want other people's children to perish. We should not accept it and I believe equatorians will not accept their children's future to be sacrificed because of Riek Machar.
    To conclude you are trying to hid your evil plans of recruiting refugees but you have failed miserably. If you listen to VOA news of this week it was indicated clearly IO are rooming the camps busy recruiting. It is a well known fact. You are responsible for abdicating civilians in Uganda. You rebels even went and shot a man in Belameling refugees camp. this is a well known fact. Time is running out soon you will hear the music when you get label as Joseph Konyi.

    Lairs sometimes forget what they say yesterday that is why I am not surprised to hear your spokesperson messing about with lies.

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