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June 19th 2017. Classified report within South Sudanese SPLA reveals after 24 hours of heavy military deployment around Torit, Magwi, Madi corridor and Yei,  south Sudanese air force and Uganda people's Defense [UPDF] air bone have assembled aircraft in both Juba international Airport and in UPDF military airbase in Gulu, Northern Uganda waiting for the final order to begin indiscriminate air raid [bombardment] within the opposition suspected areas in Equatoria in the next 36-72 hours. 

The same classified information from highly placed military source in Bilpham, SPLA HQs in Juba uncovered shows the numbers of 3000 recruits of SPLA have underwent training in Democratic Republic of Congo/DRC. The senior military office says the recruits have now completed their full phases of military trainings, he added that on Saturday 17th June2017, at least 150 of these graduates have been airlifted to Yei, and the remaining 2850 strong forces are expected to leave DR Congo on foot through the forest of Central Equatoria. He says their primary missions are to flash out the armed opposition who refused to accept the state of Yei River peace agreement and second objective of these ground forces is to deny occupation of any single base to the SPLA-IO or any other armed group operating between South Sudan and Congo DR border. 

The highly placed military source further confirmed the report of Saturday deployment of forces in Magwi, Torit, Nimule and Yei, he said the battalions send to Eastern Equatoria have already arrived at their final destinations waiting order to launch coordinated simultaneous attacks on all armed opposition bases in Equatoria. 

An attempt by this website to contact the armed opposition spokesperson operating along Juba-Nimule highway, captain Theophilus Badru Pitia did not yield any fruition as his phone is unreachable, at the same time an attempt to reach deputy SPLA-IO military spokesperson Lam Paul Gabriel failed as he could not pick our call. 

Therefore we are sending out this message particularly to caution the civilian populations living in the areas mentioned above and other unmentioned places to be on maximum high alert, for this regimes policy for earth scorching and using the Dinka Militiamen for extinction of non Jieng in the Equatoria region is about to commence with the help of Museveni of Uganda. 

Again We at SSLN emphasize that we cannot rely on the International communities as Kiir has been and is continuing to commit genocide against all the 63 ethnic groups with the approvals of the IGAD, AU and the TROIKA countries  which was spearheaded by the Obama Administration and Trump is too Conceited to care about the Millions of South Sudanese suffering under this genocidal tribal government of Salva Kiir Mayerdit. 

Justin S. Kwaje 

Senior SSLN reporter


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