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June 17th 2017. Credible sources within SPLA general HQs in Bilpham in Juba revealed to this reporter that huge SPLA soldiers have been dispatched this morning and afternoon [Saturday] to three different directions, in total roughly three battalions brigade have been send to Magwi and Madi corridor, while similar number of other heavily armed brigade have been send to Torit and yet another three battalions have been dispatched late Saturday afternoon to Yei. 

The Sources requested for the their identities not to be revealed, alerting this news site that since the deadly Juba-Nimule highway ambush which left over 50 dead, mainly soldiers and few civilian killed in crossfire, President Kiir convened several security meetings in his palace, he summoned both his new Chief of SPLA army staff, Lt General James Ajong and defense minister Kuol Manyang to immediately come out with measures to make Juba-Nimule highway free from SPLA-IO and any other armed groups operating in Equatoria. 

It was reported that the new general chief of staff then reassured the President with his commitment and plans to militarily crash and flash out the armed groups operating in Equatoria in given time. In loyalty to the President, seemingly the heavy deployment of soldiers with heavy military equipment this mornings and afternoon is an indicator that the new chief of staff is trying to appease Kiir to secure his job at this hard moment of economic melt-down and took the opportunity to prove himself.

Many believe his predecessor Malong left the army weak and in a mess, thus it is quoted the army general chief of staff repeatedly asked the President to give him more time to reorganize the Tribal Army.

However, the angry president, who in three years sacked and replaced three heads of SPLA, wants military quick solution, told his new army chief that since Malong was removed by decree, the security situation has worsened both in Upper Nile and Equatoria, and now with new birth of rebellious in Northern Bahr el Ghazal the home state of former chief of staff Malong and President Kiir himself, who is under pressures to crush the Equatorian front urgently.

One of the senior military commanders who was present in the security meetings says the massive deployment is in response to quickly address the insecurity along major roads and towns mainly in Yei, Nimule, Magwi and Torit. 

The same sources revealed that they have seen today that soldiers and heavy armored vehicles were moving to the directions of Nimule, Magwi and Torit and others are moving toward Yei through Juba-Yei road. Yet another SPLA Dinka officer stationed at Gumbo close to old Radio Juba station told our correspondent the mission of the massive deployment of SPLA soldiers is to search for what they called "bandits" operating along Juba-Nimule road majorly in Madi and Acholi land." Our forces are desperately seeking for answer therefore their primary mission is to search anywhere for anybody who is living in rebel designated areas and whoever they find living there are to be consider as armed bandits regardless of whether they carry fire armed or not, these are to be cleared" he said the operation is assigned and led by General JJ Okot. 

We at SSLN urge Civilians to take all precautionary measures as Ethnic cleansing by the Kiir tribal regime is about to commence in the next few hours to days in the mentioned area. We can no longer count on the international communities but ourselves!

Justin S. Kwaje 

SSLN senior reporter.


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  • team SSLN

    Dear Alex or Deng,
    SSLN is founded and run by sons and daughters of south Sudan, people who have visions and clear objectives for how the affairs of this country should be run and administer, people who are proffessional, dedicated and have no compromises when it comes to standing in the evil eyes and will ever stand tall to persue justice, equality and freedom of media for all. we will not be imtimediated by people like you who are agents of the regime, people whose eyes are blindfolded with couple hundreds of US Dollars. The National Dialogue you are preaching about is gospel of falcy and it will not achieve its goals as kiir and his followers the likes of you are not ready to preach gospel of truth [ justice, equality and fairness to all the 64 tribes] we abrace freedom of expression that is why we posted your comment as a citizen of Republic of South Sudan you are entitle to your opinion otherwise we could have trashed in into bins.
    Team SSLN

  • Dear Mr Justin S. Kwaje. We are tired of your lies please write something tangible. Your heart is glued to positions or getting job in the name of S. Sudanese. You are a war monger and as S. Sudanese, we will not follow a heartless individual like you. You seems not to be aware of the evens in the country and even the geography of S. Sudan, that is where in your false stories you did not know the distances. Brother just forget about hate and perusing a vision-less war. You are in America enjoying while you are encouraging violence in your own country what a greedy and selfish man you are. Rebels who have heart for their people have sign peace with the government and they are now coming back to build their country. You have seen how the wind is turning in Yei and Pojulu land. You have seen how the wind is changing in Gwudwe state. Rebels are coming home it is only people like you who are far away and do not know what is happening in S. Sudan who still want to fight. To be sincere to you, people are tired of war and they need peace. So may you join the ND than wasting time in writing fake news. We S. Sudanese are one people and no body can divide us and we will not accept anyone who want power through violence. Go to Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan and Congo to see the suffering of our people. Your children are schooling, eating, and drinking well while our people do not even have a roof on their heads and yet you want to prolong such suffering. Are you okay in mind. We want peace brother

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