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Torit, 15th June 2017: The office of deputy SPLA-IO military spokesperson Col Lam Paul Gabriel, categorically refuted and denied the accusation against the movement by Ugandan police spokesman, Asan Kasingye, that the movement has inflicted into Uganda territory recruiting the jobless youth in western Nile and northern Uganda. 

"Based on the message of the Ugandan police spokesman Asan Kasingye published on The new vision (13/06/2017, Vol. 032 No. 117, Page 4) accusing the SPLA -IO of recruiting youth from Uganda into their ranks and file, I would like to make a clarification"  

Col Lam said there is no need for them to invade another country to recruit fighting forces for them, he said the movement has excessive man power to fight the just cause, respect of rule of law, human rights, dignity and corruption. 

 "The SPLA -IO has excess soldiers with trained reserve forces in South Sudan who can fight for its course. We are not fighting for resources and personal gains but for a course beyond ourselves; democracy, respect for rule of law, human rights, dignity and against corruption". 

The SPLA- IO had earlier on alerted the government of Uganda of the fake National dialogue and peace agreements signed in Kampala between some self proclaimed Generals as SPLA -IO Yei and Government of Yei River state.  
He directly implicates the breakaway SPLA-IO whom said their leader has not received military training with SPLA-IO but rather was rescued from Juba last July with some officials of SPLA-IO. He added the SPLA-IO Yei has no military manpower to be cantoned that why they resorted in recruiting youth in Koboko and Arua, West Nile to be cantoned in the areas of cantonment.  

"These agreements are processed in Arua and Koboko, signed in Kampala and to be accomplished in a cantonment areas in South Sudan where the generals are to mobilize enough foot soldiers to be integrated into the SPLA –IG" Lam said. 

" This is why those Yei criminals in agreement with the government are recruiting Ugandans to achieve their goal since they don't have soldiers on the ground to be cantoned. Some innocent youth of Uganda are already in Juba taken about a month ago due to this agreements". 

Lam went on saying , "Secondly the government of Juba has recruited militias around Equatoria regions to act as counter insurgents. These militias were promised money and promotions but it's not happening as promised, that's why they are now busy looting civilians along Juba Nimule road and other areas to tarnish the image of SPLA- IO. The SPLA -IO forces under Dr. Riek Machar Teny are freedom fighters not robbers". 

The SPLA- IO acknowledged the ambushes on government's military vehicles but not on civilians vehicles. We regret the lost of the Ugandan lives on the 8/06/2017 as a results of crossfire. The SPLA- IO however is aware of the pressure from the government of Juba for Uganda to redeploy its forces in South Sudan to help them hold on to power. They (government of Juba) can come up with anything to justify that but the SPLA -IO will continue to defend itself and civilians from any aggression. 

Col Lam reiterated the call for civilians to avoid using military transports or convoy along the major roads so that they civilians cannot be use as human shield by the regime in Juba. "The leadership of the SPLA- IO is continuing to request all civilians regardless of nationality not to travel in military convoys where they are used as shields on these roads". Said Col Lam Paul Gabriel deputy military spokesperson of SPLA-IO 


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