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June 13th 2017.The number of deaths resulting from the pre-emptive strike on the government convoy along Nimule-Juba highway was not 15 as reported by the tribal regime in Juba, but ‘twas rather 60 plus. The regime’s decision to lie about fatality figure is an act of mockery, more especially to the families of the deceased.

An eyewitness described seeing all army vehicles burning after being hit by RPG, some of the vehicles swayed into the surrounding bushes, and others crashed onto trees.

“The only vehicle that survived the ambush was crown bus that tried to turn, unfortunately the rear tyres went into deep ditch. It seems all the occupants evacuated and took off on foot for their lives,” C.J, who was at the scene, described the horrific incident on his timeline.

Lam Gabriel, the Deputy IO military spokesman, in a press release also confirmed that their forces destroyed four military land cruisers, and burnt nine other military vehicles; retrieved five AK47 in good condition which they’ll obviously use in future operation against the genocidal forces.

The scene was littered with dead bodies, some burnt beyond recognition, and by government dropping the death toll to only 15, only proves how the lives of non dinkas ethnic are of no value to the regime. The 40 plus non-dinkas who perished in the ambush were therefore lesser of humans and not worth reporting even if most of them were blindly devoted to keeping the genocidal regime in power.

Our condolence goes out to the families of those who have lost their beloved ones in this attack, especially the families and relatives of the civilians killed in the cross-fire.

If the regime was not singing the slogan of peace just to buy time, such attacks would have not occurred. Unfortunately, its forces kept attacking bases of the people’s army (freedom fighters) thereby forcing the anyanya division to launch such pre-emptive strike in self-defence.

The incident should serve as eye opener to all those who are still following Kiir’s tribal government without applying a droplet of common sense. There’s nothing good about the regime other than deceit, tribalism, corruption, genocide, foolery, raping and the list goes on and on.

We, at the revolutionary media fraternity condemn Kiir and his cronies for the miseries and shames they have brought upon the people of S. Sudan who deserve better!


Nicholas Osobi,

Revolutionary Columnist,

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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