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July 3rd 2016. A credible source from within the SPLA-IO revealed to this news site that there was serious failed assassination attempt againts the life of major general Martin Kenyi Terenisio, though at the time general Kenyi who is a very senior military high profile from Equatoria was not in the car. But very unfortunately his head of security details, George Ruben Ishamala was spread with bullets and injured  by the national Security agents, resulting into Brocken arms and legs sparing his vital organs. After shooting him they abducted him on Friday night before his body was found lifeless in Juba teaching Hospital on Saturday after serious search campaign by the SPA-IO security members.

Based on the evidence found on the lifeless body of George Ruben, all indication was that essential the NSS had tortured him before ending his life and later they dropped his lifeless body at Juba Teaching Hospital Mortuary in the early morning hours of Saturday, though the hospital staff cannot explain how the body of the deceased got to the hospital's Mortuary.

Some of the colleagues who know George Ruben and have seen the body said he got shot at and disarmed and disabled on spot when the NSS attempted to shot at what they thought was General Kenyi, spraying with bullets the car in which late George Ruben was driving in near Jebel Kujur at the officially residential area of First Vice President Dr Riek Machar which is also officially home or cantonment to nearly 2000 strong forces of SPLA-IO.

The same colleagues said the body of late head of security of general Kenyi showed a sign of tortured and bruises and some wounds around his neck and face attest and, this is an indication that the late did not die at the hospital but rather killed before his remain was damped into the Hospital Mortuary to look as if he dies from a natural illness and in the hospital.

General Kenyi is Deputy chief of staff for Moral and Orientation of SPLA-IO and overall commander of Eastern Equatoria State. He is also a member of security team of advance team currently he is involved in the discussion of security arrangement.

The government of Kiir has tried before to assassinate general Kenyi from his home in Kampala, Uganda and on two different occasions an assassination attempt was made on his life while in Nairobi, Kenya including the government of Kiir dispatched Ambassador John Andruga, a fellow tribe mate from Ma’di where general kenyi hails from.

Targeted assassination like the killing of head of security of general kenyi highlights that the government is hell bent and has no desire to alleviate and end the long suffering of our people in the hands of tyrant and dictator regime of unfit leadership of Kiir.

We are yet reminded that never before in history Liberations comes from the hands of the Oppressor himself rather from the very oppressed themselves.

Justin S Kwaje.

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  • Bismark lo-Wani

    Is this the price for peace reached out in an agreement between SPLA/IG and SPLA/IO? Of what value is it to deal with those not interested in peace? These people are not for South Sudan but they are there for an ethnic agenda. People should watch out for more assassinations and worse still a return to a massacre like it happened in Juba in 2013 and in Wau this year. They neither have South Sudan nor its people at heart. What they are after is only their bellies to be full with the resources stolen from South Sudanese.

  • Godi

    This is indeed saddest moment, we are far from smiling the real peace with people who want to remain in power by using state resources to eliminate their opponents in this heart breaking ways. NSS should immediately be ban and disoloved because it is comprised of dinka in making the dinka agenda. RIP comrade George Ruben. You are a freedom fighter and a liberator.

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