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Juba 10 April; by Simon Kur:An insider from President Salva Kiir’s inner circle claimed the President who is visible and a public member of the Roman Catholic Church-goer has resorted into practice of witchcraft. As can vividly be recall the country's current conflict was premeditated on the false prophesy made by the self the proclaimed Nigerian TB Joshua, who in his prophecy had said the people in the nation north of Kenya will arise and catch their leader.

This false prophecy prompted President Kiir to believe indeed that his former deputy was mobilizing the nation to arise against him, this has provoked Mr. Kiir to fabricated what he later declared on the morning of 16 December 2013, as a failed coup attempt masterminded by Dr Riek Machar and his colleague, a claim refuted by Riek Machar and his group, they in return blamed Kiir for silencing the voices that calls for reforms within SPLA ruling part.

The unwise decision taken by Kiir has led us to where we are today. The false prophesy was followed up by dispatching the vice President James Wani Igga to Nigeria to personally thank the self proclaimed Prophet TB Joshua, for hisprophecy that the government of Kiir believed has saved his life.

The Vice President James Wani was dispatched with presidential letter of appreciation to TB Joshua, this was letter accompanied with rumors that President Salva Kiir has appointed the self proclaimed prophet TB Joshua to be Kiir’s adviser on religious affairs, a position later not taken by TB Joshua.

However, in the latest development, an insider from South Sudan Presidential  office revealed to South Sudan Liberty News, that president Salva Kiir has resorted in witchcraft to predict his future and the future of South Sudan under his leadership.  According the informant who works in the office of President Salva Kiir, said that Mr. Kiir has brought in a powerful wise man who kept President Museveni on power since 1986 till to date, to try to do the same performance to keep President Kiir on throne despite the popular calls from the rebels for Kiir to relinquish his power and quit the chairmanship of the ruling SPLA party.

Unfortunately after reaching Juba, according to our informant, Museveni’s witchcraft surrounded with the world under water power with a mission to predict the future of Kiir and reassure him about what the future holds for Kiir, the witchcraft fell sick, and could not even reach to predict his own future, with all his magical powers, and many other Satanic powers, unfortunately he fails to keep himself from dying,and he died short instants, and his death according to our informant angered Kiir’s friend Museveni, to subside the situation from exploding, the South Sudan leader has to settle this matter quickly before the world outside get to know. The compensation package covered by south Sudan’s leader including money for the dead man’s family, and other compensation packages were paid directly to Museveni by President Kiir. According the Wiesel blower this compensation was very expensive for Juba to directly pay to the bank account of Museveni. According our informant President Kiir had to pay ransom of 15million US Dollar in compensation to Museveni’s personal bank account.

The informant narrate to SSLN how frustrated Mr. Kiir is, he further revealed to SSLN that Kiir is sometimes working around the clock trying to find solution but above all Mr. Kiir is very worried about his own life and future which is why he resorted in black magic rather than depending on his bodyguards and presidential guards for protection.

He also acknowledged that Kiir is further frustrated with the hardliners “Dinka council of elders” who threatened Kiir and they vowed to overthrown Kiir should he inked any agreement with the rebels. The informant further acknowledged that Kiir admits that he made some mistakes and now he would like to open up for advises and inputs from all the other political parties, civil societies and faith based groups in order to find quick and durable solutions to the conflict.

Museveni and the people who know him claimes he,Museveni, surround himself with magicians, though like Kiir is active member of a protestant Church rather than a catholic. People who have been to his Masaka family home believed Museveni’s aging mother and the only sister are always in consultation with under world powers to keep him alive.



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